Class Times and Prices

Our schedule stays mostly the same year round.  We teach four 8-12 week sessions per year. There is a 2 week break between each session (except before the summer session and then the break is three weeks).  You can make up missed classes in any of the other classes or you can bring a friend along as a make-up.  Make-ups must be used in the same session.  Please dress comfortably and bring a mat or blanket to class.

Summer Session is July 22-Septmeber 19.

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This Session Dates and Prices

Drop-ins Welcome

What’s a drop-in?  It is when you pay for one class at a time.   The cost is $16 per class instead of $13 per class when you pay by the session.  There is usually room for an extra person in class, but calling or emailing ahead is a good idea.  If you are new to our classes, try to get there a little early to introduce yourself to Julie or Kathryn or Brenda.  

Different Levels?

We offer 4 different levels of yoga classes.  The Gentle Class is a slower moving class.  We tend to do a lot of the same poses as the other classes, but we transition slowly and allow for lots of variations to fit people’s needs.  We do not do any of the flowing sequences like sun salutation or moon salutation.  It is a good class for people with injuries or limitations.

Level 1 is for brand new students or folks who want an easier class (or maybe you might just like that class time).  Level 2 is for students who have done some yoga and are familiar with the poses and our teaching.  Level 3 is for students who have done yoga for a longer time and are looking for something deeper.

We also offer "Ongoing" Mindfulness Yoga on Tuesday at 5:30pm. In this class, which follows the same format as our other classes (described below), Kathryn shares knowledge about mindfulness practice gained through her training with Frank Jude Boccio--a Zen Buddhist scholar, certified yoga teacher, and author of the book, Mindfulness Yoga: The Awakened Union of Breath, Body and Mind. The class is considered "ongoing" as it is geared toward students with yoga experience; however, it is safe for those new to yoga as well as those with some limitations.

All of the classes start with an initial relaxation and then lots of stretching and warmups.  The warm-ups are fairly similar from week to week so you can learn them. Each week we do a variety of poses and then end with a longer guided relaxation and lastly come up to sitting for some quiet breathing.  Any of the classes can be adapted to your needs.  Please listen to your body and make the yoga poses work for you.  If you are not sure which class is best for you, call or email, Julie will be glad to help you figure it out.

The Fine Print

Missed classes may be made up in any of the scheduled classes only during the same session.

Refunds are available before the second class less $25.     

Payment plans are available, just ask Julie.  

Yoga Gift Certificates are also available.

julie rosier 919-834-0028                                                                                                     yogawithjulie@me.com

The Summer Session is July 22-September 19, 2019.

All classes are at the Meeting House Except Monday Night at 6 pm.  

The Monday 6 pm class is at Rebus Works in Boylan Heights.

Pricing for 9-week Summer Session

1 class/week      $117          2 Hour Tuesday 10 am $144

2 classes/week   $211* save 10%  for 1 or 2 members of the same household

1 class/week + 5 (14 total)  $182

Drop in=$16  except Tuesday 10 am=$20

Full time students and folks 65 years or older receive a 10% discount.

Fall Session starts October 7th.