The Teachers

We have three awesome teachers at Yoga with Julie

Julie, Kathryn and Brenda are our teachers.  Julie and Kathryn trained with Esther Myers and Brenda completed the Whole Heart Teacher Training with Cyndi Bulka.  Our make up policy allows you to attend any of the classes regardless of which class you signed up for.  We simply want you to get to class so you can enjoy the benefits of yoga.  And of course, you can bring a friend (or even two) along as your make-up.

View a short video of Julie and her Tuesday morning class!

Julie Rosier

RYT 500 hours

Yoga Tune-Up® Teacher 2018

Esther Myers’ YTT 1998-2000

Kripalu Yoga Center YTT 1996

Acu-Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching Yoga since 1997

I have been teaching Yoga for a long time...over 20 years. My practice and my teaching practice grow and change with time.   When I first started teaching, I made a mission statement of sorts. The number one thing on my list was to create a sense of community in my classes. 20 years later, I think that is what makes my classes special.

I think self reflection, stillness and meditation are important but without a group to process it with it can be lonely and not a very effective path. We are human beings, we need each other. And the yoga process is fuller with a community.

My teaching style is accessible and friendly.  Students feel comfortable to alter poses to suit their needs; either to an easier pose or a harder pose.  Students are part of the lesson planning. At the beginning of each session, we discuss as a group what we want to do and where we want to go with the practice.  This really is student directed teaching. I am a better teacher because of the connection I have with my students and the comfort my students have with themselves, in the group and in their bodies.

I have trained with many great teachers over the years, including Esther Myers, who empowered me to own my teaching and to really teach to who is in the room.  My latest discovery and source of nourishment is the world of Yoga Tune-Up®. Jill Miller and her band of teachers are smart and talented. I am glad to be able to now consider myself a part of that group. I was certified a Yoga Tune Up® teacher in the winter of 2018. It required lots of workshop work, homework and teaching.  It is such a lovely addition to the blend of yoga and movement that we were already doing in class. Please come and try it out.  

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Kathryn found Yoga with Julie years ago when Julie's flyer, intended for the previous homeowner, landed in her mailbox at a time in her life when she was searching for deeper meaning. Upon lying on the yoga mat in Julie's class for the very first time, Kathryn connected with her body, mind and spirit in a way that she hadn't since childhood. She instantly became hooked on yoga as an essential life practice and within a year had made the decision to become a yoga teacher herself.

Kathryn has taught yoga consistently since 2003, and she completed her certification through the NC Esther Myers' Yoga Teacher Training Program in January 2005. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance. In April 2013, Kathryn also completed a 250-hour Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training with Frank Jude Boccio, and she has enjoyed the depth it has brought to her practice and her life.

Kathryn has been working with Julie since 2009 and teaches the Tuesday 5:30 Mindfulness Yoga class. She believes yoga is for everyone, and her mission as a teacher is quite simple:  To guide students in reconnecting with themselves, while nurturing body and mind through the gift of yoga.

Kathryn Clarke

RYT 500 hours

Esther Myers’ YTT 2005

Mindfulness YTT 2013

Teaching Yoga since 2003 

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"People say to me, 'I can't do yoga,' and I immediately tell them that's exactly why they need to come. What they're really saying is that they're stiff and have shortened muscles, which is a natural process that occurs over time due to the effects of gravity and aging, but this also happens as a result of chronic tension in the body, whether due to a past injury, habitual patterns (e.g. always sleeping on the same side), repetitive motion (e.g. running) or stress.

As Esther Myers regularly taught, the body is intelligent and responds to what you do. We have to counteract the forces of daily living on the body, and yoga is that antidote--I have found this to be just as true for the mind as it is for the body.

Simply put and to borrow a Julie-ism, 'COME TO YOGA--YOU'LL FEEL BETTER!'"

Brenda was first drawn to yoga when she read the novel Siddartha although it was quite a while before she actually took a formal yoga class.

Feeling the positive impact of that first class she was hooked. Her first yoga teacher was trained in the Iyengar style where Brenda learned a strong sense of body alignment in yoga poses. Yoga was fun and came with many other benefits – flexibility, strength, and most importantly a sense of calmness.

For 10+ years Brenda has practiced with Julie Rosier. Another important influence in her yoga practice is Subhash Mittal at the Integral Yoga Center.

Almost 30 years after that first class and now retired, Brenda completed a long-time goal—200 hour yoga training with Cyndi Bulka at Whole Heart Yoga Teacher Training. Her practice and teaching style aim to integrate asanas or body movement and pranayama or breath control with awareness. This awareness or really just being present in the moment helps us connect to a quietness and peacefulness within, free of past angst and future fears.

Brenda Cleveland

Whole Heart Yoga Teacher Training

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or 919-961-5391

“I believe that with a regular yoga practice the ability to connect becomes easier, is stronger and is available to us outside of class. It gives us pause to be our very best selves.”

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