New to Zoom Yoga? Zoom Tips


New to Zoom Yoga? Here are some tips!

I will send Zoom links for all of the classes via email before the session starts.

You can add the Zoom Links to your calendar (google or iCal) and it makes it easy to find the links.  If you use the link, you will not need to enter the password. or just save the zoom link email and use it each time.

I will open the meetings 15 minutes early.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class, so we can start on time. If you have questions, or just want to check in please be there early or stay late.  I am happy to chat and I want to know what is happening with you and what YOU want to work on. 

Please try to position your device (laptop/iPad) so that I can see YOU.  A trick for this is to roll your mat out on the floor.  If you can see it in your monitor…then I can see you when you are on your mat.  You can also stand up and see how tall you are compared to the things behind you.  For example: I know that if I can see my mat and the top edge of my bookshelf, then I am in the camera on the mat and also in the camera when I am standing up.  Some students adjust their monitors as needed throughout the class.  

I usually move closer to the camera at the beginning and ending of class so you can see my face.  

While we are doing the poses and movements, I look closely at my screen so I can help you with your practice.  If you don’t want to be “seen” that is totally fine, too…just position your camera that way. I do not demo all of the poses, but I am glad to if needed.  So, please let me know.  Also, my YouTube page has lots of videos. The “Gentle Class” video is very similar to what we are practicing in class lately.  But the lesson plan does vary from class to class based on requests from students.

After we check-in at the beginning of class, I will mute everyone’s microphone.  You are welcome to un-mute yourself at anytime if you have a question or even a comment.  I love questions!  

When you are looking at your zoom screen, you can select a few options. One is to hover over my “square” and select “pin video”.  This will make my video the only one on your screen.  This will make it easier to see what I am doing.  You don’t have to do this…of course. Or you can select speaker view.  The speaker (student or teacher) will become the main square.  Or you can pick gallery view.  It will show all of us that will fit on your screen.

You are welcome to float around to any of the classes.  And to come to more than one class per week.  All of my classes have the same structure, breathing at the beginning, warm ups, poses and then a guided relaxation, followed by a short sitting and breathing at the end. The Ongoing classes use the Yoga tune-Up balls for self massage but the Gentle classes do not use the balls.

Remember, you want to pay attention to how the poses feel in your body and practice with awareness and self compassion.  Don’t over do.  If you want tips on how to make things harder or easier let me know.  And I will continue to ask at the beginning of the session and the beginning of class what you want to work on. So, you might think about that before hand.

What do you need for class?

Try to have your yoga supplies and space ready for class.  You will need a mat, blanket, maybe a pillow, strap and a block or equivalent and a 1/2 foam roller, or equivalent.  An eye pillow or scarf for your eyes is nice, too.  Tuesday Morning and Monday 5:30 we use the Yoga Tune-Up balls and you may need access to a wall.  

The “Supplies” page has pictures of supplies and also links to suppliers.

I have Yoga Tune-up balls, long blue straps and custom hand made straps for sale. Contact me for details.

If you are new to class, please complete the registration form, you can find the link on the class times and prices page.

That page also includes, prices, and payment information.

All Yoga classes $12 if you pay for 6 or more

Drop in for a single class =$15

Yoga Tune-Up short class = $5